Sound Systems

Professional Sound Systems for House of Worship

Church sound systems have their own complexities. A Presbyterian Church will typically have different needs than a Pentecostal Church. We have the experience to help Churches of every size and denomination. The spoken word is paramount in the overall design and set up of a system. Every system is designed with this in mind.  Sound Systems are where we got our start and our near and dear to our hearts. We are proficient in other areas of AV, but we take pride in our experience and dedication to quality sound that fits the situation.

Today's contemporary services need balanced, clean sound with energy, but not overbearing or deafening. Traditional services may only need amplification for speaking and the choir. There are many steps between the two. We have the experience to design a system that meets the needs of your church. Call us at 800-875-4609 or email us at:

Digital Mixers are becoming the new standard for Church Sound Systems. Prices have come down to the point that it just makes sense for almost all churches to go to this type of mixer. All of your settings can be saved and recalled for each service. You may not need every feature available, but the basics of what every church needs are available.Click the play button below to watch a demonstration of the Soundcraft Si Impact Digital Mixer


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